Yangji Pine Ski Valley of 90-acre scale has 6 lifts supporting 7 slopes from gentle to steep, state-of-the-art automatic snow-making and snow-tiding facilities for comfortable skiing and maintaining best snow condition, and each slope is equipped with light for the safety of skiers and for enjoying extraordinary charms of night skiing.

Together with skiing, skiers can enjoy commanding a fine view of the whole Ski Valley at observation tower, and dining hall and snow sleigh-riding lot for children is a ideal package for family¡¯s all-together entertainment..





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1. Ski Shop

¡á location : Rental building 2F

Lending ski suits
Sales of goggle and glove
Hat and hairband

2. Snow Making Facilities

Consists of Water Cooling Tower maintaining optimum water temperature for the first time in domestic resort and 22 sets of snow making equipment supporting snow of best quality & sufficient quantity

3. Observation Tower

Hot coffee and snack will be served at the summit of ski resort.


4. Snow Sleding Area

Snow sleigh-riding lot, 20m wide and 150m long, will serve merry and amusing time to the children and members of family