Yangji Pine Resort has a variety of access pathes of Kyungbu Highway, Jungbu Highway, No.3. National Road, and No.45 National Road, etc. Measuring the distance with end of Hannam Daegyo bridge as a starting point, Kyungbu Highway has the distance of 49.9 km and Jungbu Highway 90 km, and 3.7 km distance from Yangji I.C., 5-minute-drive course. Recently, national road maintenance is under way, it is expected more easily-accessible paths will be created

Kyungbu Highway Shingal I.C. - Youngdong Highway Yangji I.C. - Yangji Pine Resort

Kyungbu Highway Suwon T.G - National Road between Suwon and Yongin - Yangji Crossroad - Yangji Pine Resort

Jungbu Highway Hobup I.C. - Youngdong Highway Yangji T.G. - Yangji Pine Resort

Seoul - Seongnam - Kwangju, Pangyo, Bundang - Yongin - Yangji Crossroad - Yangji Pine Resort